oh my god I’m so angry literally just this morning the last of the snow was washed away by the rain but then this evening the rain tURNED INTO SNOW AND NOW THERE IS SNOW EVERYWHERE AGAIN

just wondering, do you know if you can only have one or two of each personality in your acnl town?

I know of people that have none of a personality and people who have three or four of a personality. Random move-ins will usually try to balance out the personalities, but you can invite any animal to your town from another town or the campsite regardless of how many of that personality you have in that town.

if somebody who does those higher quality audio recordings were to record the 5am, 6am and 7am hourly tunes with an evening cicada chirping in the background, that would be super rad.

I narrow it down by aesthetic of the town and I try to have at least one of each personality.

I made a list for my second town a while back by narrowing it down to match my planned town aesthetic and I got it down to 38 animals. After changing my idea around a little bit I made a second list and that one is 40 animals long.

I guess one one hand it makes it easier to actually get 10 animals that I want but at the same time I want aaaallll of them.

I just looked through a list of villagers in NL and did some counting

there are 36 villagers I don’t like
There are 202 animals that I would love to have
There are 333 villagers total

That leaves 95 villagers that I am neutral about

How in the world do people make lists of 10?

what I meant was, at the end of the white side thing that you have at the right side of your blog ( "white side thing" very descriptive ik ik do still I don't know what its called ) anyways, at the end of that there should say "© 2012–2014" is it the theme or does every blog have that?

Oh wow I never even noticed that. Whatever it is, I didn’t put it there. I’m pretty sure that it shows up for everyone who uses the Redux theme. I Checked some of my side blogs that use the theme and they all have it too, but the starting year matches the year that the blog was created.

Heey I wanna get someones opinion, anyways, so I'm thinking about resetting my town *I'm not the same anonymous from a few days ago* and anyway, if I save up enough I can buy a new 3ds with new leaf.. anyway what do you think? :c

Mm, like I said before, it all depends on you. 

For resetting:
Is there anything in your town that you hate but can’t change?
How willing are you to give up your stores that you have unlocked?
How willing are you to give up what you donated to the museum?
How willing are you to give up the animals living in your town?
How willing are you to give up your HHS homes?
How willing are you to go an find someone to hold onto your stuff while you reset?

For buying a new copy:
How much work will it take to afford a new game?
Do you have the time to look after two towns?

What I personally would suggest is flattening your town. If you’re not happy with it, flatten everything and start over. Get rid of all your trees and public works, store all your flowers in a side character’s closet, kick in your paths, sell all your furniture from rooms that you don’t like and put a ton of focus on getting all the animals that you want. If you can get somebody to chop trees while you kick in paths/put away flowers, that will make the whole process a lot easier.

Now that you have a blank slate, start from the ground up, and don’t make any of the mistakes that you regretted doing last time. Make yourself a plan for what it is that you want to accomplish, and stick to it. Maybe make yourself a few similar plans incase things don’t work out. Remember that almost nothing you do is permanent, and there is no reason why you can’t change things around.

how do you get the copyright to your blog? :o

Sorry, but I don’t think I understand the question? If it’s about the theme, I just used one of the themes that tumblr provides but if it’s not that then I don’t think I understand.

Hi I love your blog and I was wondering if you could just tell me some tips on designing paths with detail and shading, I'd also appreciate it if you teach a few tricks about how you get creativity for your dresses, there so pretty. :)

aah, thank you! I’ll try my best to explain things.

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I’ve never gone to Bing before but I went today for some reason and there’s an adorable baby duck swimming around and idk if it’s for easter or if it’s always there but I really appreciate it.