My experience so far with decorating a Halloween town:

"What can go here? Another graveyard should do the trick."

I got Twiggy, the last Yorkwood resident! Twiggy has long been my most hated villager, but she was available and she suits the town well enough. Maybe I’ll grow to love her like I did with Chow.

I also finished the wardrobe for my residents. The black and white tank tops have bat wings on the back.

Three more Yorkwood villagers and Yorkwood’s map! All I need now is to adopt a peppy villager from somebody and then I can start landscaping. I’m not available to wifi this very second because I’m expected to be social with my grandparents, but if you have any of the following villagers to offer me, definitely let me know (I can give hybrids, bells, items or a drawing in exchange):

Really want:

Will also accept:

I’ve been sitting in a car all day so I got a chance to start working on my Halloween town! I already have six permanent villagers and I will probably get my 7th later tonight. Tomorrow is another car ride, so I will move out Coach and Victoria and reset for my 8th and 9th. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out the wifi at the farm and nab a 10th villager tomorrow as well.


Last dream review of the day! This time I visited the amazing town of Wayfield by angiestown! This town is wonderful. Although the outdoor landscape was gorgeous and very original (different from all the pink pastel towns, although those are great), the houses were awesome. I really liked the interior design.

yoo I am back from California trip! I got stopped at the airport both directions to check for bombs but luckily I didn’t have bombs so they let me go. We discovered that Thala’s thumb is longer than my hand is wide. There was also a super cool aquarium somewhere outside of Gilroy that had like jellyfish and ocean sunfish and stuff. Thala didn’t go with me, but I went with her gomma and she took lots of pics that I’ll probably never see because she can’t quite figure out her phone but that’s cool. I spent more than $30 during a trip for the first time since I was 13 but none of the stuff I bought was for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to be leaving again for roughly a week and a half. I’m heading out to my grandparents’ farm for the first time in a few years. I don’t know if they’ve gotten better wifi since I last visited. Before they only had wifi for an hour a day and the trip before that they had dialup so idk. Either way I’ll probably spend a lot of the trip working on my third town. I’m thinking I’ll name it Yorkwood but I don’t know for sure yet.

I love love love your town! One of my favorites :) I visit it a lot! You've inspired me to make my town have an August/Fall feel to it. But I have a question, how did you get the sky to have that beautiful orange/redness to it? Is there a specific date that it's like that?

Ah, thank you so much! The orange skies are just a rare-ish weather occurrence like thunderstorms or rainbows. They usually show up around 6pm. I think they only appear in the summer, but don’t hold me to that.

i visited wayfield and it's SUPER awesome!! you did a great job!! i hope you don't mind my asking, but since i was really inspired while i was there, how did you make those pictures? like the ones in your house on the exhibit partition :o

ah, thank you so much! Great to hear that you enjoyed it! For the pictures I just had a friend come over dressed as one of my characters, took some screenshots and plugged them into this photo to QR converter.

If you want to make your own photos, make sure to crop the image to as small of a square as you reasonably can, resize to 32x32 pixels and change the drop down menu where it says (ugly, fast) to one of the other selections. 

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Wayfield is sooo cute! It has so much effort... every part of the town is so perfect<3

ah, Thank you so much, great to hear that you enjoyed it! It’s always great to hear that.