My 3ds has started to black out and it seems a lot slower than it should be, but I have acnl on an sd card, I want to buy a new 3ds and use my game card version but I let my friend "borrow" it for months now, so I sort of want it back now. She's my best friend and all but whenever things don't go her way it's really unpleasant being around her and I don't want her mad at me, how should I ask for it back?

oh man oh man, that is a toughie. I don’t have all that much experience with friends but usually when something like that happens to me I’ll just pester about it and be really annoying in general. 

Be a little selfish and let her get mad. It’s your game that probably cost you a lot of money, so she doesn’t have any right to keep it. She’ll be annoying to be around for however long, but she’ll get over it eventually.

Would a blog about some rocker punk kid that trashes dream towns be cool and unique or would people get pissed at that

that’s strange… I’ve always had the option when my pockets are full whether i wanted to swap the fish or release it. Unless this isn’t New Leaf or City Folk…

it only happens if the ground around your feet is full of stuff and it’s impossible for you to drop items. It happened to me pretty regularly when I was getting to the end of my fish collection, because by then my town was 100% filled with flowers. It’s also happened to me once or twice in CF. I don’t know if it happens in WW or PG.

today was the day that I caught sea bass after sea bass and forgot to release them when they filled up my inventory, and so when I finally caught a coelacanth, I forgot my inventory was full and released it, only to realize that it was THE FISH the second I let it go.

When there’s no room around your person to drop stuff on the ground and your pockets are full, your person will release the fish you just caught whether you like it or not (even if there are fish in your pockets that you could swap for) and I have lost at least three fish that I spent ages looking for this way.

hey do you know if purple sunrises are only a summer thing? i am hoping they happen in the springtime but i have never seen one in my spring town!

When I was TTing around and checking out the title screen I found a purple sunrise in the winter, so my guess is that they’re around all year.


groovin’ with the resident black cat of Yorkwood (DA: 5800-4514-7430)


groovin’ with the resident black cat of Yorkwood (DA: 5800-4514-7430)


finally got around to visiting the spoopy town of Yorkwood (DA: 5800-4514-7430)! gorgeous landscaping (i’ve only ever seen orange skies on the island before, but they fit this town so well) and the villager houses were perfectly decorated for the season


Wayfield | 4000-4155-5644 | angiestown

i’ve decided to start up my own little dream diary for when i visit nice towns, and i decided to stop by one of my favorite towns by one of my favorite crossers for my first entry! angie’s towns are always high quality and wayfield is no different. i remember visiting this town when it was first uploaded, and now that i’m back with all the blooming bushes and purple skies, i have to say that i love it even more! stop by wayfield if youre looking for a relaxing and fun time in a cozy little farming village.

sorry for these awful grainy pictures i was too lazy to use miiverse on this trip

So, I booted up ACWW because of your post, and of course the town looks crap because I haven't played in ~3 years. BUT in ACNL, my favourite neighbour is Tom, the cat. And in WW, I go to the beach and there is a message in the bottle: 'Dear reader, I look forward to meeting you. Tom' Animal Crossing-ception!

oh man oh man

not graphically related, but a lot of personalities were at their best in WW. namely lazies

This is also true. I loved every lazy I ever had in WW. I only played for like 10 minutes tops and had lots way funnier conversations than I’ve ever had in NL. The animals don’t even need to be rude again to be interesting, they just have to stop giving so many tutorials. Their dialogue is like 1/2 tutorials, 2/6 rumours, 1/6 actually interesting stuff.

I was also thinking about this a lot lately, but I’ve only managed to make an animal be happy/sad/angry after a conversation a total of 3-5 times since NL came out. In the old games it was pretty frequent that you would affect their mood.